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Angels of Death
Cover of Satsuriku no Tenshi volume 1 by Media Factory
(Satsuriku no Tenshi)
DeveloperHoshikuzu KRNKRN
PublisherDen Fami Nico Game Magazine
GenreAdventure, horror
EngineRPG Maker VX
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Nintendo Switch,[2]Android,[3]iOS,[4]Steam[5]
  • August 14, 2015 (Win)
  • December 20, 2016 (Steam)
  • October 11, 2017 (Android)
  • October 11, 2017 (iOS)
  • June 28, 2018 (NS)
Written byMakoto Sanada
Illustrated byKudan Nazuka
Published byMedia Factory
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Comic Gene
Original runJanuary 27, 2016 – present
Volumes8 (List of volumes)
Angels of Death Episode.0
Written byMakoto Sanada
Illustrated byKudan Nazuka
Published byKadokawa Shoten
English publisher
Original runMarch 3, 2017 – present
Volumes2 (List of volumes)
Written byMakoto Sanada
Illustrated bynegiyan
Published byMedia Factory
MagazineMonthly Comic Gene
Original runFebruary 27, 2017 – present
Volumes2 (List of volumes)
Novel series
Written byKina Chiren, Makoto Sanada
Illustrated bynegiyan
Published byKadokawa
Original runJuly 30, 2016April 27, 2018
Volumes3 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byKentarō Suzuki
Produced byAlpha Alan
Written byYoshinobu Fujioka
Music byNoisycroak
Licensed by
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, Sun TV, BS11, TVQ
English network
Original run July 6, 2018 Oct 26, 2018
Episodes16 (12 episodes aired on TV, last 4 episodes online) (List of episodes)

Angels of Death (殺戮の天使Satsuriku no Tenshi, lit. 'Angels of Slaughter') is a Japanese horror adventure game by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada) for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.[6] It was created using RPG Maker and was originally released as freeware via the Den Fami Nico Game Magazine website on August 14, 2015.[7] It launched on Steam in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English on December 19, 2016.[8] A prequel titled Angels of Death Episode.Eddie (殺戮の天使 Episode.EddieSatsuriku no Tenshi Episode.Eddie) is released as part of bonuses included in limited edition Blu-ray and DVD Box Set of the anime's first volume.[9]

Two manga adaptations, one based on the game and one on the prequel, written by Makoto Sanada and with art by Kudan Nazuka, began serialization in Media Factory's shōjo manga magazine Monthly Comic Gene in 2015 and Kadokawa Pixiv in 2016, respectively. The first manga has been collected in seven tankōbon volumes and has over 1 million volumes in print while the prequel has been collected in two volumes. Following the adaptations, a two-volume 4-koma manga series titled Satsuten! and the three-volume novel series are published with art by negiyan and written by Kina Chiren.

The series is licensed in North America by Yen Press, who published the first volume on November 14, 2017. A 16-episode anime television series adaptation by J.C.Staff began airing from July 6, 2018.[10]

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13-year-old Rachel 'Ray' Gardner is taken to a hospital for counselling after witnessing a murder. However, she wakes up to find herself on basement Floor B7 instead with no memories apart from her name and the reason she came to the hospital. A series of mysterious broadcasts and scribbled messages on the wall set the scene as a game where each participant is designated a floor of their own, and anyone who trespasses on another participant's floor has the chance to be killed.

Ray, ignorant of the details, is almost killed by serial killer Issac 'Zack' Foster, the owner of Floor B6, and captured by Daniel 'Danny' Dickens, the owner of Floor B5 and the doctor who examined her. Danny, who has a maniacal obsession with eyes, desires Rachel's blue, once-blank eyes. During this time, Ray recovers her memory during the night when the murder occurred, just as Zack kills Danny for her, but spares Ray after losing interest in her lack of emotions. As Zack has killed someone that was not on his floor, the broadcast designates him as a 'sacrifice' along with Ray, where they can freely be killed by any floor master. The two, in the same situation, form an alliance where Zack can use her intelligence to escape, and upon doing so will fulfil Ray's desire to be killed by him.

Ray and Zack continue to go to the upper floors to find a way out, defeating the two other floor masters, Edward 'Eddie' Mason at B4, a young boy with an unhealthy obsession with graves, and Catherine 'Cathy' Ward at B3, a sadomasochistic former jail guard, in the process. When Zack gets injured during the fight against Cathy, Ray encounters a reverend Abraham Gray at B2 who reveals himself to be the one who designed the game in order to figure out the definition of 'religious faith' in people's hearts, appointing the various floor masters as 'angels' that are not afraid to kill without hesitation. Although Gray lets Ray return to B5 to get medicine, she must pass through a trial to determine her identity before she can proceed to the next floor. Meanwhile, back on B2, Zack discovers that Danny is still alive, the latter having faked his death. Ray is forced to confront her selfishness in the trial, but survives through it to save Zack, convincing herself that he is her God.

When the duo arrive at B1 though, they come to a house filled with fake flowers and the stitched corpses of a couple, driving Ray hysterical and desperate for Zack to kill her immediately. Danny then tricks Zack into leaving Ray alone in the room and lock it up, forcing Zack to search the floor in order to discover the truth about Ray. With help from Gray, Zack realizes that Ray suffered in the midst of her parents' terrible relationship, and subsequently killed them and stitched their corpses together to form her new 'perfect family'. Counselling her at the hospital, Danny then took an interest in her blank blue eyes and used his authority as an 'angel' to bring her to B1, making her the final floor master. As Zack finds out the truth, Ray, coming into realization that Zack won't become the God she desires, shoots Danny and attempts to kill Zack by leading him around the traps of her floor, but he helps her to come to terms with her actions and both renew their oath.

Just as they reach the exit, Danny activates the self-destruct sequence of the building and critically shoots Ray. Before Danny can kill both Ray and Zack, Gray, having completed his experiment, appears and kills Danny, allowing Zack and Ray to escape just as the building burns down. The police promptly arrive and Zack lets himself be arrested to save Ray's life.

Zack is sentenced to death for his murders of Ray's parents as well as Ray's kidnap, while Ray is taken to a rehabilitation centre due to her apparent delirium and attachment to him. Never losing faith, she pretends to get better while clinging to the hope of the oath they made. A few days later, Zack escapes from prison and breaks into Ray's room to fulfill his end of the oath. The two escape together, with Ray once again asking him to kill her. By the time the police arrive, the room is already empty with the window broken, a trail of blood, and Zack's old knife that Ray left behind.


Main characters[edit]

Rachel Gardner (レイチェル・ガードナーReicheru Gādonā) / Ray (レイRei)
Voiced by: Haruka Chisuga[11] (Japanese); Meg McClain[12] (English)
The 13-year-old female protagonist of the story. After witnessing a murder, she is taken to a hospital for counselling, only to wake up on Floor B7 with no memories from her past. She later recovers them after a scuffle with Danny, the doctor responsible for counselling her, and reverts to an apathetic character. Believing death will be her salvation, she requests Zack's help to kill her in exchange that he can use her intelligence to help him escape the building. Under her emotionless and calm exterior though, Ray harbours a morbid interest in stitching up animals or people she deems imperfect and a twisted perception and blind faith in God.
Her interests stemmed from her parents, who hated each other. Ray then witnessed her father kill her mother, and in terror, killed her own father with a gun, before deciding to stitch up their corpses to reincarnate them as her 'perfect' parents. Taken to the hospital, Danny develops an interest in her blank blue eyes, and uses his authority to make her the floor master of B1. Ray's floor is modelled after her house, and is filled with many deadly traps with the exception of her bedroom and living room where the stitched corpse of her parents are placed.
Isaac Foster (アイザック・フォスターAizakku Fosutā) / Zack (ザックZakku)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Adult)[11], Ryo Nishitani (Child) (Japanese); Dallas Reid[12] (English)
The male protagonist of the story. Once an infamous serial killer, he is now the floor master of B6. He is noticeable for his body being completed covered in bandages and wields a grim-reaper-like scythe. Bloodthirsty, Zack delights in destroying the happiness of his victims and filling them with despair. As Ray showed a severe lack in emotions, he found no interest in killing her and let her stay alive for him to use her intelligence to escape the building, in return that he will kill her once they escape.
Zack grew up only knowing how to kill due to being treated abusively as a child. Abandoned by his parents, his step father tried to burn him and his mother to death, wounding his body with burns that he covered up with bandages and causing him to develop an intense fear of fire. His mother then left him in the care of an illegal orphanage that trafficked children, where he faced subsequently more abusive treatment, becoming a tool of labour. Upon watching a slasher horror movie left by the head of the orphanage, Zack was inspired to go on a murder spree, with the heads of the orphanage being his first victims. He is subsequently found by Gray, and became a floor master. His floor is modelled after a deserted, dirty network of alleyways.

Supporting characters[edit]

Daniel Dickens (ダニエル・ディケンズDanieru Dikenzu) / Danny (ダニーDanī)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai[13] (Japanese); Derick Snow[12] (English)
A counsellor who has an insane obsession with eyes, especially Ray's blank, blue ones. Due to being born without a right eye, he was bullied for most of his childhood. His missing eye also caused fights between his parents until they divorced and his mother committed suicide. From there, Danny began to find blank, dead eyes like his mother's beautiful, becoming a counsellor to search for eyes that could satisfy him.
Prior to the series, he was a counsellor for prisoners and met Gray, who offered him the chance to become the floor master of B5. Believing it could satisfy him, Danny took on the offer and subsequently used his authority to bring Ray into Gray's experiment and make her the floor master of B1, hoping that he could live close to her eyes. He is ultimately killed by Gray in his pursuit for Ray. In the prequel manga Episode.0, he becomes the main character.
Edward Mason (エドワード・メイソンEdowādo Meison) / Eddie (エディEdi)
Voiced by: Natsumi Fujiwara[13] (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski[14] (English)
A young boy characterised by his pumpkin mask and love for making graves. His floor is modelled after a graveyard and made completely out of stone. Born a child of grave-makers, Eddie was proud and skilled at his job, but became discontent with the fact that he was never given anything that could truly belong to him, for most of his things were hand-me-downs passed from one child to the next. He then began to kill his pets and bury them in his own graves, feeling that things only truly belonged to him once they were put in graves dug by him.
When he was invited by Grey and became the floor master of B4, he began building graves for those killed by the other floor masters, hardly ever killing anyone himself. However, he took it upon himself to kill Ray and bury her in a beautiful grave after falling in love with her at first sight. Due to constantly building graves in the dark, Eddie got used to seeing in a dark environment, which gives him the advantage when he kills. He is killed by Zack when Ray turns on the lights, and buried in the grave originally meant for her. In the game prequel Episode.Eddie, which focus more on his past before becoming floor master, he becomes the main character.
Catherine Ward (キャサリン・ワードKyasarin Wādo) / Cathy (キャシーKyashī)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise[13] (Japanese); Jamie Marchi[15] (English)
The floor master of B3, who is known widely as the 'Condemner' due to her past as a former jail guard, with Danny as her prisoners' counsellor. A sadomasochistic woman, Cathy delights in uncovering her criminals' crimes and delivering punishment to them through torture, often killing them. Those who survive are then confined as her playthings.
She is the most formidable of all the floor masters due to her wide range of death traps and torture instruments. Viewing Zack as an exemplary sinner, she attempts to punish him thoroughly to her amusement but is killed when Ray catches her off guard with a gun. Her floor is modelled after a huge jail block, along with her private room where she controls the various traps on the rest of the floor and monitors her victims.
Abraham Gray (エイブラハム・グレイEiburahamu Gurei) / Gray (グレイGurei)
Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka[16]
The floor master of B2 and a reverend who created the facility as an experiment to determine the definition of 'religious faith', including gathering all the various floor masters and providing them with victims. He is extremely eloquent, able to mesmerise his listeners through words, and harbours a cold and logical heart without mercy. Gray also employs the use of drugs to make his victims hallucinate in order to see their true inner selves. His floor is modelled after a church, with the stained glass window concealing the exit of the building.

Other characters[edit]

Lucy (ルーシーRūshī)
A character introduced in the manga adaptations, Lucy is Cathy's best friend who harbours a borderline insane admiration for her. After graduating school together, the both of them became jail guards that specialised in punishing criminals, often with Lucy dealing the finishing blow. When Cathy is invited to become a floor master by Danny, Lucy becomes her first victim, deeming her a sinner as well for all the prisoners she had killed.
Shin (シンShin)
A character in Episode.0 and the original floor master of B1 before Ray was placed there. Shin was originally a pair of twin brothers who owns a furniture store selling furniture made from human flesh. Deeming that the twins fit the criteria to become an angel for Gray's experiment, Danny invites them. However, Gray would only accept either one of them, deeming their dependency towards each other as imperfect. Driven by the idea that only one being is perfect, each twin decided to kill the other. It is unknown which twin succeeded killing the other as the survivor reappears and reintroduces himself as the 'one complete' Shin.



A manga adaptation by Kudan Nazuka and Makoto Sanada began its serialization on the Monthly Comic Gene magazine on January 27, 2016.[17] The prequel of the game, Episode.0, also by Kudan Nazuka and Makoto Sanada began its serialization on the MFC Gene Pixiv series on March 3, 2017.[18] A two-volume 4-koma manga series titled Satsuten! by Makoto Sanada and negiyan began its serialization also on the Monthly Comic Gene magazine on February 27, 2017.[19]


A novelization of the game written by Kina Chiren and Makoto Sanada and illustrated by negiyan is published by Kadokawa label, Enterbrain. The novel series consisted of three volumes.

No.TitleRelease date ISBN
1Until Death Do Them PartJuly 30, 2016[20]ISBN978-4-04-734115-9
2Blessing in DisguiseApril 24, 2017[21]ISBN978-4-04-734437-2
3Once in A Blue MoonApril 27, 2018[22]ISBN978-4-04-734930-8


A 16-episode anime television series by J.C.Staff premiered in July 6, 2018.[16][23] The anime is directed by Kentarō Suzuki with scripts overseen by Yoshinobu Fujioka, music composed by Noisycroak at Lantis and character designs handled by Miki Matsumoto who is also serving as chief animation director.[11]Masaaki Endoh performed the opening theme titled 'Vital,' while Haruka Chisuga performed the ending theme titled 'Pray' under her character name Rachel. The series is also streamed on Crunchyroll with English subtitles, and Funimation in an English dub.[24]



In November 2017, it was announced that the game had achieved 1M downloads in Japan.[25]

In a review of the game's PC version, Hardcore Gamer rated it a 4 out of 5, while noting the ’wonderfully odd chemistry’ between Rachel and Zack. The game's creativity, storyline and gameplay were praised while its brevity, belated character development and low resolution graphics were criticized.[26]


Roundups of the first volume from ANN note that it is short on tension, suspense and horror and somewhat confused in its delivery; its characters seem unnatural and are perhaps more appropriate to a game than to this format; and while the environment art often works well, overall the illustrations do not serve the story.[27]


First impressions from ANN are mixed. Some criticised the pacing to be weak and writing repetitive that lacks scares in horror genre, but praise its episodic structure that strongly pushes the creepiness factor that deliver an intriguing plot.[28] Steve Jones from the same site, on the other hand, gives the anime more positive review. While he found the early episodes to be a campy romp and criticised the slow pacing, he praised the main characters' growth and interaction and the performance of the voice actors.[29] In Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2019, the anime ranked 72. [30]


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External links[edit]

  • Official website‹See Tfd›(in Japanese)
  • Anime official website‹See Tfd›(in Japanese)
  • Angels of Death (anime) at Anime News Network's encyclopedia
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Length and Plot. The overall structure of the book is that our protagonist, newly-resurrected urban sorcerer Matthew Swift has to destroy a chief bad guy (gamers will recognize him as a boss) who has rings
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Notes from a third read:
Matthew Swift is back, but no one is exactly sure that he is him. He visits the shop of a prophet who once foretold his death:
'You want to tell me that you're Matthew Swift.'
'Is this a bad thing?'
'You are a dead man, Matthew Swift.'
'You must have customers flocking to hear your predictions.'
'It was a statement of fact, of history.'
'It pays for prophets to be cryptic, particularly in this litigious age,' I wheezed.'

The sorcerer Matthew Swift was killed--or at least disapp
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Matthew Swift wakes up on the floor of his apartment--two years after he was brutally murdered. Now he has no money, no clothes, and an otherworldly presence in his head. Luckily, Matthew Swift is not your typical Londoner--he is an urban sorcerer, and he has a few tricks up his sleeves..
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Recommended to N.K. by: Devi Pillai
Beautifully-written, snarkily fun, deliciously literary urban fantasy. Can't wait for the next book.
I loved the depth of this book, the intensity of the language, and the inside view of London. The love came through, the magic was logical, and the disconnected order of the revelations was just plain perfect. It was so much what I'd been looking for that I didn't know until I finished reading it, and I'm delighted.
If you love urban fantasy in the truest, 'love of the city' sense, this is a wonderful book for you. I'd recommend it to any Tim Powers fans without reservation, and also to fans of G
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I wanted to like this book more than I did. It ticked many of the right boxes for me and I loved many of the elements, a powerful sorcerer, Matthew Swift brought back from the dead, urban magic derived from the city itself, a struggle between good and evil. It was original and imaginative but, for me it was overly long and slow. The descriptive prose is wonderfully colourful but often it is too much and holds back the momentum of the plot.
I also felt the basic plot was a bit too linear. For Mat
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This is it. This is my absolute favorite urban fantasy. This is everything I want in this genre.
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I love this book. Love everything about it from the strange magical London, to the city coming to life, to the many magical underground factions, to the blue electric angels, to Matthew Swift, especially Matthew Swift. One of the best urban fantasy hero there is.
The writing is superb and the action and pacing are relentless. The whole book is so well put together.
I need to reread this book.
Apr 26, 2009Trin rated it it was ok
This book contains one truly fantastic conceit: magician Matthew Swift is brought back from the dead, but he doesn't come back alone; he contains within him entities known as the Blue Electric Angels, and so parts of his story are narrated in the first person singular, I, and parts in the first person plural, we. I love the shifts between Matthew's perspective and that of the otherworldly Angels; I love how throughout the book they start to come together a bit, to merge. There is such a fascinat..more
Apr 09, 2009Miriam rated it really liked it
Two years ago, Matthew Swift died.
Our story begins when he comes back to life. A stranger has rented his apartment, he has no money or identification, and it turns out that all his friends have been horribly murdered in the interim.
A lot of this book is descriptive, and although this sometimes dragged from a readerly point of view it fit perfectly with the way magic is envisioned by Griffin. Also, her love of London was obvious, which gave appeal to what would otherwise have been tediously ext
Mar 01, 2012Jason rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
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5 Stars
Holy crap am I wiped out after this amazing adventure. Let me catch my breath. A Madness of Angels sits now easily among my very favorite reads. This book, like the Angels portrayed within, was so many things to me. Sorcery and necromancy, love and death, mystery and revelation…Damn, I want more…
Books like this are so very rare.
I was entranced from the very first page all the way until the long coming end. It captivated my heart, my imagination and ensorcelled me through and through. I
Jun 24, 2011Emily rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
'We be light, we be life, we be fire!
We sing electric flame, we rumble underground wind, we dance heaven!
Come be we and be free!'

This is quite a weird sort of book, probably a bit 'marmite' in its style - you'll either love it or hate it. I loved it. I liked the fact that it was just so different to everything else I'd read. I also liked the fact that, having visited London a good many times, I was familiar with a lot of the areas that were being described in the story.
Lots of lovely twists on o
Oct 07, 2010Moira Russell rated it liked it

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· review of another edition
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Ceci n'est pas une revue
This isn't going to be anything lengthy or profound; I just wanted to join my voice to the chorus saying how good this book is. Yes, it's probably about 100 pages too long, and the three drawn-out climactic confrontations with the Big Nasty could have been condensed into one, and the various betrayals and setups and alliances are explained very plainly (a number of times). The pacing is much slower than it could be, and I spent about the first twenty pages growling 'If Ou
Feb 19, 2013Carly rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who loves gloriously imaginative UF and won't mind the writing style.
Recommended to Carly by: A really gorgeous piece of fanart I ran across. (Link: http://fav.me/d4yzji4)
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**edit 11/27/13
Two years after bleeding to death in an unfriendly alley, Matthew Swift wakes up in his old apartment, blinking open eyes that have transformed from muddy brown to electric blue. He-- and the entities who possess him--have only one thought in his/their mind: revenge against those who killed him and brought them back.
Madness of Angels captures the essence why I keep coming back to urban fantasy. When I read UF, I want to enter a world both alien and familiar, where the mundane tou
Jul 22, 2010Jamie Collins rated it did not like it

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Putting this back on the shelf after about 100 pages. I feel like the writing is trying too hard to be literary, and is getting in the way of the story. I'm not opposed to the heavy use of similes - I like Michael Chabon and Neal Stephenson - but here they are distractingly bad.
'A noise like the slurping of thick cake mixture being slopped up from the bottom of the bowl.'
'The one who spoke had a heavy, breathless voice like the deep snorts of a walrus.'
'A quick slap like being hit with a thin sl
Jan 20, 2019Daniel rated it really liked it · review of another edition
TL;DR ~4.5 stars, definitely makes the list for favorite urban fantasies, but an exhausting read.
So I believe I stumbled on A Madness of Angels while browsing carol's GR shelves looking for some good urban fantasy, and in that this is a definite success. A Madness of Angels is very much the sort of thing I want out of urban fantasy, and had I encountered it when it came out nearly ten years ago there would likely be much more UF on my shelves than you see now.
Griffin is an excellent writer, the
Apr 26, 2015Christopher rated it it was amazing
Though I greatly enjoyed both books this author wrote under her other pseudonym of Claire North, the only two people whom I both follow and reviewed this had extremely opposite reactions to the book. An one star review of 'Hands down, one of the most God awful books I've ever read. Ever,' and a five star review (well, 4.5) from someone who has read it three times and 'highly recommend(s)' it.
Needless to say, I was slightly nervous going in.
Plotwise, this is fairly simple. 'You murdered me, so I

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Jul 27, 2015Xing rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Rating: 3.5 stars
It’s difficult to rate A Madness of Angels, since there were 2 star moments and 5 star moments riddled throughout the book. I settled somewhere in between and rounded up for my overall enjoyment.
Without getting into the thickness of plot, I’ll just say that this urban fantasy world was definitely a refreshing remix of familiar concepts, but with a very creative result. Among a world of very magical beings, Matt Swift is a sorcerer – a person able to sense magic in the artificia
Sep 12, 2013Milda Page RunnerWake Up With Blue Angel Download Game rated it liked it
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That's a tough one. Such a complicated book to rate. I seem to have loved it and hated it in an equal measure. I liked the story. It's not very original but it's good enough to keep you reading. I loved the main character and his switching personalities. It was a bit confusing at the start but once you've got the idea it was awesome. I thought the concept of urban sorcery was original and interesting.
Unfortunately the prose got in the way. It is no doubt inteligent, lyrical and lush but so over
Jan 03, 2016Stephanie Swint rated it really liked it
This book is beautiful, complex, and mad..definitely mad. Matthew Swift, London sorcerer, is resurrected by the blue angels in the telephone lines. If you can commit to the madness this is worth the read. If you need something quick and linear in thought skip it. Full review to come..
Oct 31, 2016Nicki rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Matthew Swift, London sorcerer, died two years ago. Now Matthew Swift walks the streets of London again -- but this Matthew has different-coloured eyes, and electric angels in his blood. Something has been eradicating sorcerers in his absence, something with a hunger only Matthew understands, and without his old allies or resources, Matthew has to piece together the means to bring down not only the killer, but the many-headed hydra of the co-operative magical organisation behind it.
The cover tel
I'll be honest: I couldn't finish this book. While the ideas behind how magic worked and the characters were interesting, I found this to be a plodding read. The descriptions while sometimes wonderful could also come precariously close to purple prose. I distinctly remember the author recycling the same detailed sensory descriptions and similes to describe two separate phone booths.
The details just never let up. It made the pacing of the book oftentimes awkward. The main character of Matthew Swi
Jan 20, 2011Kay rated it liked it
I really wish I could write a 5 star review for this book. Honest to God, A Madness of Angels has one of the most creative, mind-blowing universes I've ever read - filled with monsters and magic that are unfamiliar yet instantly recognisable. Yet, its' length and dense writing made A Madness of Angels a difficult book to finish. Even though I loved it, I could only read 4-5 pages at a time - it took me 4 months to finish! There is just so much to absorb in every line, and there are many many man..more
Aug 18, 2013Kristin rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
Wake Up With Blue Angel Download Game
After two years of being dead from a gaping hole in the chest, sorcerer Matthew Swift is suddenly not quite so dead. Not only is he not dead, but he is being hunted down by some rather nasty creations of another sorcerer - a sorcerer who is bent on understanding (and stealing) that which made Swift come alive again - the Blue Electric Angels. Swift must not only fight for his life, but is also tasked with finding the other sorcerer and ending his life.
The characters in this book were so well-wri
To a degree this was a book I had been looking for. Reading stuff like Hellblazer, Hellboy, Caballistics - works of modern fantasy, of contemporary occult/magic novels. Classically so many of these works go for the classics - latin, pentagram, nazis, like a tick box list of rules. With A Madness Of Angels Griffin consciously throws those rules out, she creates her own urban magic background with London as a background, which she brings to life with a dense, energetic prose.
At first I had my dou
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Kate Griffin is the pen name under which Catherine Webb writes fantasy novels for adults. She also uses the pen name Claire North.
Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. See this thread for more information.
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“We be light, we be life, we be fire! We sing electric flame, we rumble underground wind, we dance heaven! Come be we and be free!” — 123 likes
“Offer me?' A shrill note of indignation entered her voice. 'Young man, there are three things that make Britain great. The first is our inability at playing sports.'
How does that make Britain great?'
'Despite the certainty of loss, we try anyway with the absolute conviction that this year will be the one, regardless of all evidence to the contrary!'
I raised my eyebrows, but that simply meant I could see my blood more clearly, so looked away and said nothing.
'The second,' she went on, 'is the BBC. It may be erratic, tabloid, under-funded and unreliable, but without the World Service, obscure Dickens adaptions, the Today Program and Doctor Who, I honestly believe that the cultural and communal capacity of this country would have declined to the level of the apeman, largely owing to the advent of the mobile phone!'
'Oh,' I said, feeling that something was expected. 'Oh' was enough.
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