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Mar 10, 2018 - They then showed up as TWIN PS TO PC CONVERTER. If you find the correct drivers for your controller to USB device. Rumbler and USB output 5V, I wonder if the converter just disables the rumbler or if. Full Instructions:.


Feb 12, 2007 - I have already tried Logitech Wingman and a ps2 usb adapter device. I had reformate hard driver and install xp professional student edition. Home ยป USB Vibration Gamepad Use the links on this page to download the latest version of USB Vibration Gamepad drivers. All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program. PS2 controller / Dualshock 2 to PC converter driver USB racing wheel The good side is, this Ucom controllers also work perfectly with the Xbox360CE application, hence those games you've been emulating xbox360 controllers for, would now support Vibration. I have two USB game controllers: A PlayStation 2-to-USB converter so that I. Install your gamepad drivers that you installed when you where using windows 7.


Below is a link to the current DNT USB Driver Installer package. This is a zip file, after downloading extract it into a temporary folder. The contents of the temporary folder can be burned onto a CD-ROM disc or copied to a flash drive.

This is the same Driver Installer found on the DNT Installation Disk normally used to install software. It is made available here as a download in case the full Installation disk isn't available and USB drivers must be installed or re-installed.

Two versions of the installer are included, one for 32-bit Windows PCs and another for 64-bit Windows PCs:

  • 'dpinst-x86.exe' for 32-bit Windows
  • 'dpinst-amd64.exe' for 64-bit Windows

To start the installer:

  • In Windows File Explorer, navigate to the location holding the unzipped files and double-click on the appropriate .exe file.
  • Click the Start button, click Run.. and browse to the location holding the unzipped files. Select the appropriate .exe file and click OK.

Usb Converter Twin Controller Driver Help Free

The installer will open and walk you through the driver installation process.

If you burn the package onto a CD-ROM or flash drive, it will also be suitable for use with the Windows 'New Hardware Found' wizard in Windows XP and Vista, or for updating drivers in the Windows Device Manager. See the USB driver installation instructions to learn more.