Swtor Mobile Security Key Serial Number

The serial number for the current mobile app is only available during setup, so copy it down and keep it somewhere safe. If you’re using an older version of the mobile Security Key, you can find the serial number in the app: Tap the Information icon, then Security Key Information and you’ll find it under Serial number. I'm sorry, but as far as I'm aware, the mobile security key is only available for Preferred or Premium players and therefore the required serial number doesn't show up. Message 6 of 67 (84,625 Views).

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Swtor mobile security key serial number download
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SWTOR Mobile Security Key

  • Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be able to link your security key app with your swtor.com account. The page will tell you to “enter this serial number into your mobile security key app”. Open up your phone or tablet again, open up the “Star Wars: The Old Republic Security Key” app, and type in the serial number.
  • Dec 15, 2011 - On this page, you will be asked to enter the serial number displayed on the screen into your Mobile Security Key smartphone application.


Swtor Security Key Setup

I heard from my friend that you don't have to buy a physical security key into making your account even harder to hack, or even impossible. So I started using this mobile security key patched it up and it worked fine, at least for maybe 2 to 3 or 4 weeks, before I tried logging in onto swtor, typed username, password and the security key. NOTE : I did have wi-fi on. And it said that either my username, password or security key are wrong. And I typed it over and over thinking that I've rushed into typing my password and I typed it slowly and carefully. And somewhat of a panic got into me. Went to the swtor.com and tried changing password, and I got the referral onto my email address, and it took me to the 'reset your password' site. I typed in a new password carefully and typed it again to confirm its the same one. Once I clicked recover or login(not sure) it said Unexpected Error, tried several times and it had the same problem over and over. And I just got frustrated and decided to remove the security key. I tried uninstalling the app from my htc desire 300(not sure if needed) and installing it again to see if it will fix it. And it didn't fix it. 3 or some days ago I ended up Factory Resetting my phone as it had a lot of junk on it. And installed the security key app and tried to add a security key and it worked. 4 or so days later(Today) I try logging in and it has the same problem. Can someone please help me into fixing this problem? Thanks in advance!

EDIT : When I try to add a security key from the start, I type in the serial number, I get some codes, and when I type them onto the swtor website it says 'Sorry, we couldn't find your serial number. Try again?' And I have tried several times, still doesn't work. Please help me ASAP!

EDIT 2 : It's all fixed up, thanks to everyone that helped me, if you are wondering what the problem was, my phone was 3/4 minutes or even more in front of the actual time! So change your time to the actual time. Cheers!

Swtor Mobile Security Key Serial Number

Swtor Mobile Security Key Serial Number

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