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Hello everyone, I'm not sure what category this question would fall under, so I just placed it as Tom's Guide. Anyway, I recently was watching some old N64 video games gameplay, so I feel like playing old titles again. I've looked into the ROMs and stuff etc, so looking on Amazon, I've found this N64 controller that is compatible to the PC. Now does this thing work for N64 roms? I really don't know about this whole ROM thing, but yeah heres the link to it.

The Retrolink SNES USB Controller says that it works without drivers or anything, but then doesn't seem to work with any of my SNES emulators. Here's a link to it.

The controller utilizes the USB interface to connect to your computer and is compatible with both Mac and Windows-based computers. Connect the Retrolink USB controller to enjoy gaming with a throwback feel on your iMac. Locate an open USB port on your iMac. From what ROMS I have played on for the N64 you were allowed to set your own controls. Pretty much just plug it in and once windows recognizes it, start binding the controls to whatever you want. I have done this with an xbox 360 controller. Modeled after the original design, this Retrolink Classic Controller lets you relive your younger gaming years with the addition of a modern USB link. Live Chat - Agents Available Live Chat - Agents Available. Retrolink Classic N64 Controller for PC & Mac - Black; Retrolink Classic N64 Controller for PC & Mac - Black. Web ID/SKU: 108065379.

i tried it with snes9x and another one and neither seemed to work. When I plug it in, my computer doesn't recognize the device and troubleshooting the device obviously does nothing.

/r/EmulationOnPC - For PC and Mac emulation troubleshooting and support. Does anyone have the retrolink n64 controller? If still not listed the controller is busted because the controller doesn't need external drivers. If it is listed click properties and push all the buttons. All the corresponding buttons should light up.

Tom PratsTom Prats
Retrolink N64 Controller Driver Mac

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Guess the answer is that it was broken or is simply magical. But really it was just broken i guess.

Maybe I'll take it apart to see if anything specific was broken.

Tom PratsTom Prats

This might help a lot.

What you need: Oracle Virtual Box and a Windows XP disk.


Plug in SNES controller or controller that is currently not compatible with Windows 7 or 8. Install Oracle Virtual Box and XP inside it (if you don't know how to do this, there are instructions on youtube:

). Once done Windows 7 or 8 will somehow get the driver from XP and now you will be able to use a controller that was once incompatible.
Nick CrouchNick Crouch

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