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Play Pokemon Dark Cry online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Pokemon Dark Cry is a rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

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Plays: 95,043 M:93% F:7%
Filesize: 5,351kb
If you're getting a black screen with no audio, you'll have to uncheck 'Use hardware acceleration when available' in your Chrome settings. For more information on how to do that, go here:
D/P Heroes
D/P Starters
D/P Pokemon
Fake Towns
Fake Routes
Custom Tileset
Altered Text (obscenity)
All new plot
You have finished your adventure in Shinou. But you're looking for an new adventure. Wat you don't know is that the safari zone had pokemon from Shinou. But they have escaped and have been spread to whole the region. Team Rocket has got Mewtwo in their hands again. Mewtwo was feeling ill and let team rocket capture himself. Team Rocket did, so they gave meewtwo an armor. After that he escaped again. So you must capture him. (Quoted from creator)
09-04-13 01:03 PM
5/5Edit Screenshot
12-12-13 03:03 PM
5/5Edit Screenshot
i thought it was a lie but my game just froze
04-09-11 11:30 PM
5/5Edit Screenshot
glitch here
09-19-13 03:33 PM
4.9/5Edit Screenshot
Well, that's.. lovely.. :/
04-15-12 04:04 PM
4.5/5Edit Screenshot
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11-20-15 06:47 PM
00:11:39 Views: 1,710
Vizzed.com GamePlay (rom hack) my epic fail..
Overall 7.2 Graphics 6.3 Sound 5.9 Addictive 3.4Story 4.4Depth 4.2Difficulty 5.4

Pokemon dark crymarcus047
I never imagined myself saying this, but this is the absolute worst hack(Pokémon wi..
Review Rating: 4/5 Submitted: 03-09-13 Updated: 05-14-13 Review Replies: 3
Wow..just, wow..gleed312
Just giving a bit of constructive criticism.. (I'm actually being a bit more merciful and giving Po..
Graphics 2 Sound 5 Addictive 1 Story 3 Depth 2 Difficulty 10

Review Rating: 3.8/5 Submitted: 08-13-10 Updated: 04-30-11 Review Replies: 2
Pokemon Dark Cry Version(LeonSK42)LeonSK42
Pokemon Dark Cry Version..Why was the rating so low? Ill tell you and ill start with the first thin..
Graphics 7 Sound 8 Addictive 5 Story 7 Depth 6 Difficulty 6

Review Rating: 3.7/5 Submitted: 05-31-11 Review Replies: 3
Pokemon hacks are not to be looked down upon.jellomanz
For all of you who don't like Pokemon hacks and speak poorly/offensively about them why don't you tr..
Graphics 8 Sound 9 Addictive 3 Story 10 Depth 8 Difficulty 3

Review Rating: 3.3/5 Submitted: 04-02-11 Updated: 05-02-11 Review Replies: 3
Pokemon Dark Cry Reviewretrogamer1246
For those who might say this game is hard I agree with you. One sheer fact about this game is that y..
Graphics 10 Sound 5 Addictive 4 Story 6 Depth 8 Difficulty 9

Review Rating: 3/5 Submitted: 08-28-11 Review Replies: 1
This Game Is For MeGohon7
I am Rather Happy with the Game, IF I can play the game Happily I can play the game, Id wag my tail ..
Graphics 7 Sound 8 Addictive 5 Story 4 Depth 5 Difficulty 4

Review Rating: 3/5 Submitted: 04-28-12 Review Replies: 1
The first thing I read is the reason it is 'mature'. This game has the worst spelling and grammar mi..
Graphics 6 Sound 1 Depth 1 Difficulty 5

Review Rating: 3/5 Submitted: 08-26-14 Review Replies: 2
It's horrible but addictive.Makaylaaa
I decided to give this game a try even though I saw the horrible reviews and comments. I got really ..
Graphics 10 Sound 10 Addictive 5 Story 1 Depth 6 Difficulty 10

Review Rating: 3/5 Submitted: 08-23-14 Review Replies: 3
So I started to play this and I got about an hour into it or so and I was almost excited to play it ..
Graphics 5 Sound 2 Addictive 1 Story 1 Depth 1 Difficulty 4

Review Rating: 2/5 Submitted: 05-15-13 Review Replies: 2
Would've been good but glitches stop it cold.SilverHyruler
Nice try..
Graphics 7 Sound 7 Addictive 1 Story 6 Depth 8 Difficulty 9

Pokemon chaos black romReview Rating: 1/5 Submitted: 05-19-13 Updated: 05-19-13 Review Replies: 11
Not Worth PlayingStJimmy1337
This game was just a complete waste of time. There was little point in playing it at all. If you're ..
Graphics 5 Sound 5 Addictive 1 Story 2 Depth 1 Difficulty 8

Review Rating: 1/5 Submitted: 05-13-13 Review Replies: 21
Not so good..xXBad-Influence.
This game, clearly a hack. First off, the graphics honestly make me sick that someone would make thi..
Graphics 5 Sound 7 Addictive 1 Depth 2 Difficulty 4

Review Rating: 1/5 Submitted: 07-08-12 Updated: 07-08-12 Review Replies: 0
Pokemon Dark cry..Tyrna
Let's see.. First of all, I want to start by saying that 'Shinx' must seriously be repaired, I thou..
Graphics 9 Sound 9 Addictive 8 Story 7 Depth 6 Difficulty 4

Review Rating: 1/5 Submitted: 04-11-12 Review Replies: 2
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Pachirisu (1)

View All 3 Characters
BradkestoDemon 02-20-16 - 05:18 AM
BradkestoDemon 02-20-16 - 05:16 AM
guys quit judging this if u wanna see the worst pokemon rom hack in the world ill post a link to it its on vizzed
thing1 04-17-15 - 11:26 PM
Mature? Hmmmm..
smoshboss69 02-16-15 - 05:32 PM
It wont let me evolve my pokemon D:
stormslayer666 10-23-14 - 08:18 AM
lol, I was gonna play. Not now tho
Female Umbreon 10-11-14 - 05:12 PM
coolcat151500 08-26-14 - 05:32 PM
This is the worst game I've ever played, and I've played A LOT of games. Spelling errors, grammar problems, cussing, all these things and I didn't even start the game fully! I never even said my NAME.
StarLight5877 08-23-14 - 05:52 PM
Would be nice if this game wasn't half assed and me and my friend weren't stuck
jiztroughgirl 07-13-14 - 12:14 PM
can you get into the Luciva gym?
arber132 03-08-14 - 05:57 AM
tamama 02-25-14 - 10:10 PM
D: idk how to progress I can't get into misty's gym
Mecha Leo 11-07-13 - 11:53 AM
your looking for a game with mew AND mewtwo and THIS is the crap i find?
LolzieOMG777 10-17-13 - 01:46 AM
on route 1024 i got stuck,I tried fainting all my pokemon to automatically go to the pokemon center but my game freezes whenever i send out my mankey
linkmaster99 10-07-13 - 12:05 AM
lol worst game eva :).
hellomisterbros 09-26-13 - 03:50 PM
if you take the nugget the game freeze, i want the nugget!
TrollingTreeco 09-25-13 - 04:51 PM
0_0 And Also I Face A Face With Pro. Elm Saying He's A Noob And Stuff And I Did This- .-. .. Huh WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cuz My Pokemon Bugged Out Even When I Just Lvled It Up To 50 Its Says This- TROLOLOLOLO SO U HAVE THE WORST COMPUTER
TrollingTreeco 09-25-13 - 04:48 PM
WORST Game Ever, I Mean Really Did A 5 Year Old Kid Watch A Video And Did It And Made Poor Grammar, WAY To Much Swearing And This Game Made Me Do This All The The '-facepalm- WTF? WHY IS THE GAME SO BUGGY THIS IS THE 20th TIME IVE GOT TRAPED GRRRRRRRRRAHH
Divine Aurora 09-11-13 - 11:30 PM
also swearing is quite often and misspelled
Divine Aurora 09-11-13 - 11:29 PM
0_0 worst hack period, poor grammar, poor spelling, Pokemon types and move sets are incorrect, it freezes when you battle certain trainers horrible hack gamefreak should sue the creator of this hack
PieGoesBoom 09-07-13 - 03:00 PM
i hate this game
grim creaper 07-18-13 - 04:17 PM
After reading the description, I wasn't very excited to play this. Now after reading the comments, I know this game will irritate me. Thank you everyone for the heads up, I'll pass on this.
linkmaster99 07-02-13 - 05:13 PM
I know right this game sucks I had it on my vba
GamingMonkey 06-01-13 - 04:17 PM
Horrible game. I can't believe people like it.
Jaiven 06-01-13 - 02:34 PM
It's not the grammar looks like a 5 year old made it and it is not funny, it is a waste of time.
ToonSora10 05-13-13 - 07:40 PM
I HATE how People Hate this Game. It's a Good Game. :/