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Request for download links to the digitally colored manga (with English translation)

Hi Everyone, I've only been an anime watcher of One Piece in the past,but I haven't watched the series in a long time(and thus,forgetting a ton of detail)and I'm thinking of reliving/re-experiencing it by going for the manga instead. I've seen sample art of it and its a thing of beauty.

Download manga free. Friday, December 18, 2015. The publishers behind One Piece. Download One Piece - Digital Colored Comics Now. Read Official Viz Media Chapters Online Same day release as Japan!!! Read on Official App Same day release as Japan and availble to everyone for Free. Jaimini's Box. PowerManga Only goes back to Chapter 717. Digital Color Chapters - Official Shueisha Colored Chapters. Miscellaneous @OnePieceReddit Twitter! One Piece Wikia.

Torrents or other kinds of links with the manga in bundle would be highly appreciated.


Edit: The reason I want downloads specifically rather than sites to read the manga is to transfer the files to my smartphone so that I can read them in the college library while waiting for the next class(which could be hours later)

One Piece English Manga Download

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