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Accessories for the FE2 included the Nikon MD-12 motor drive (automatic film advance up to 3.2 frames per second), the Nikon MF-16 databack (sequential numbering, time or date stamping on the film), and the Nikon SB-15 (guide number 82/25 (feet/meters) at ASA/ISO 100) and Nikon SB-16B (guide number 105/32 (feet/meters) at ASA/ISO 100) electronic flashes. The Nikon FM2 is an almost fully-manual. The Serial Number on the back of the body begins with an N if it is an FM2n The Xsync time of an FM2n is 1/250th (as.

Learn More About Nikon FM2 Film Cameras

Experiment with film photography using the Nikon FM2. This semi-professional Nikon SLR camera is designed with an interchangeable lens system, so you can choose the best focal length for the occasion. Use eBay to select from a variety of new and used FM2 camera bodies or lens packages to suit your shooting style.

NikonWhat are some features of the Nikon FM2 camera?

The FM2 was manufactured from 1982 to 2001, so the features depend on the camera model. Some features you can select from include:

  • Metal gears: These sturdy hardened metal pieces help move the film smoothly through the FM2 body.
  • Aluminum body: Many Nikon FM2 models are made from hardened aluminum, which is tough and durable enough for field work, travel, and outdoor shoots.
  • Precision shutter: The Nikon FM2 uses a precise shutter with heavy-duty blades and self-lubricating bearings to ensure fast, smooth movement.
  • Manual focus: The mechanical focus knob enables you to focus on a specific area of your photo.
  • Integrated light meter: Some FM2 models feature a built-in light meter that allows you to select the exposure you want for any shot.

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SerialDoes the Nikon FM2 require batteries?

Nikon Fm2 Meter

The device itself does not require batteries to operate. However, if you want to use the built-in light meter, you will need to insert batteries. You can use the FM2 without the meter if you wish.

What is typically included with the FM2?

FM2 models are available in a variety of packages. If you have your own 35 mm lenses, you can opt to purchase the camera body. If you?re just getting started with film photography, it can be useful to opt for a package that includes the camera and a variety of lenses. Compatible lens lengths include 50 mm, the NIKKOR 60 mm, and more. Some models come with straps as well.

What is SLR?

SLR stands for single lens reflex; the Nikon FM2 is an SLR camera. This means that inside the device, a system of mirrors and prisms help you to frame the scene. When you look through the viewfinder, a mirror enables you to see what is in front of the camera?s lens. Then, when you push the button, the mirror moves out of the way and allows the camera to capture the scene.

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