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It is vital for the owner of a Honda outboard motor to know what year the motor was manufactured. Not knowing the model year of the motor will make it impossible to order the correct parts to repair the motor in some cases. Knowing the model year of the Honda outboard will also allow the owner to purchase the correct repair manual for the engine, so that repairs can be properly done by the owner. Although it may seem like a difficult task at first, determining the model year of the Honda outboard motor by using the serial number is really a very simple task.


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Locate the serial number plate on the right side of the outboard, just beneath the engine cover and close to the transom.

Wipe any soil off the serial number plate with a shop rag, so that all of the numbers in the serial number can be read clearly. Record the serial number, using a pencil and a piece of paper.

Mass health connector 1095 a download. Turn on a computer with Internet access and open a browser. Paste http://www.iboats.com/basics/serial_number_year.html into the address bar of the browser and press the 'Enter' key on the computer. This will open the serial number look-up section at Iboats.com.

Scroll down to the Honda Marine section on the Website. Compare the serial number in question to the charts displayed on the website to determine the model year of the Honda outboard in question.


The model year of a Honda outboard motor can only be determined by using the serial number through the 2006 model year. Contact a Honda Marine dealer for information on how to determine the model year of Honda outboard motors after the 2006 model year, because Honda stopped using model year designators in the serial number beginning with the 2007 model year.

For models years prior to 1997, a Honda Marine dealer must be contacted in order to determine the model year using the serial number.

When you look on the motor mounting bracket of your Evinrude, you find a metallic, embossed tag with the name 'Evinrude' prominently featured, along with a variety of information on your motor and finally, the motor's serial number. The serial number tells you if the motor was built for the American market, the horsepower, the options it's supposed to have, the length of the driveshaft in the lower unit and what year it was made.

  1. Look at the first digit. If it's a letter other than 'J' or 'E,' it's a model variation built for a boat builder to include in a boat 'package.' This also indicates it could be a variation built for a country other than the United States.

  2. Move to the next group of digits a set of two or three numbers that tells you the horsepower.

  3. Examine the next group of two or three letters that identify the trim on the basic motor. Some examples are 'FRE' for Four-stroke Remote Electric-start or 'TE' for Tiller, Electric.

  4. Shift to the next group, a single letter that appears appended to the trim code. If there are only numbers after the three-letter trim code, your motor has a short driveshaft, likely 15 inches in length. If there is a letter: 'L' represents a 17-inch driveshaft; 'Y' stands for a 19-inch driveshaft; 'X' is a 20-inch driveshaft; and 'Z' is a 22-inch driveshaft.

  5. Remember the word 'Introduces.' The next two letters are a simple substitution cipher using that word as its key to identify the year of production. 'I' denotes 1. 'N' equals 2. 'T' stands for 3. 'R' means 4. 'O' stands for 5. 'D' represents 6. 'U' means 7. 'C' stands for 8. 'E' represents 9 and 'S' denotes 0. If that two letter group is 'CE,' it means your motor was built in 1989 since 'C' stands for 8 and 'E' stands for 9.


  • Read the last letter, which is used within the factory to designate the model run, of which there are several yearly. For internal auditing only, this letter has no significance to the consumer or mechanic.

Outboard Motor Serial Number


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