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$ npm install mega-torrent

var Mega_Torrent = require('mega-torrent')


Main Module

var mega_t = new Mega_Torrent([options])

Create new torrent downloader.

Supporter options:

email - User login email (Require)
password - User password (Require)


Start downloading a torrent.

Torrent can be:

• magnet uri (string)
• torrent file (buffer)
• info hash (hex string or buffer)
• parsed torrent (from parse-torrent)
• http/https url to a torrent file (string)
• filesystem path to a torrent file (string)


Return the current status of the Mega_Torrent instance.


• 0 - Doing nothing
• 1 - Downloading the Torrent
• 2 - Uploading the Torrent


Return running uploading instances. (aka megas)


Return running downloading instances. (aka clients)


Instance of current uploading file to MEGA.


Mega Fiers Free Download Torrent Full

Return Node stream instance.


Return the current upload percentage. (between 0 and 1)


Rarbg Torrent Site

Return Node fs stats instance.


Instance of downloading torrent client.


Stop and destroy the current downloading torrent.



Return the current download percentage. (between 0 and 1)


Mega Fiers Free Download Torrent Full

Return WebTorrent torrent instance.