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Why is Google Drive so slow for downloading and uploading? Update Cancel. A d b y S y n c. Introducing Sync.com cloud storage. If 100 computers sync to one shared folder, and if a user updated a 50MB file, it will create 5GB of download usage, which will slow down your network dramatically. I'd think due to clog from queued items. Jun 30, 2013 - I tried stopping all the downloads, turning off the system, restarting the downloads. There are no downloads actually going; everything is just in queue, waiting to be downloaded. Kaimega is offline. File uploads stuck in queue. If anyone knows the ins and outs of MEGA and has a solution that would be great. Could this be from server overload? What does it mean if a download is 'queued'? I'm on bearshare, and i try to download something and it says 'queued' under status, and just stops. Answer: If the program is downloading the maximum number of things it can at any one time, and you try to download more, it will 'queue' it. This means that although there is.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a download that stops at 90%. That’s even worse when the file size is big and you have limited internet access or if you’re using mobile data to download. Mega.nz is a very popular and secure file hosting site used by many developers on XDA and it has some limit for free users. So if there’s anyfile you want to download from Mega.nz, make sure you use this trick to bypass mega’s “Bandwidth Quota Exceeded” error. You’ll need:

  • Download: Mega Downloader 1.7 (Mirrors)
  • Download:Internet Download Manager (IDM)


Simply use Mega Downloader (link above) to download the file, most of the times it will start downloading right away! To do this launch Mega Downloader and copy the download link, the program will catch it and start downloading without asking for anything. And it works with folder links as well!


Install both programs and follow these steps carefully:

  1. First, install IDM. (if you already have it, skip this)
  2. Open MEGA Downloader
  3. Click the configuration (gear symbol at the top-right)
  4. Click “Streaming” tab then check “use streaming server” then save.
  5. Click “Streaming” tab again (not in configuration) then watch online.
  6. Copy the link that you want to download from MEGA on your browser then paste it to “MEGA URL link”.
  7. New link will appear, copy it.
  8. Go back to IDM. Click “Add URL” then paste it then click OK.
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When you have a link to folder it will not work, you need individual file links! To get them Simply import the files to your own mega account, then on your own account right click the file and click get link -> link with key.

And you are done. No limits, easy and fast download with IDM. Hope it helps. 🙂

So, I had ~3GB free on my local disk and I tried to download a 2GB file. It failed because it said I ran out of disk space. My disk still shows that I have about 400MB free. According to this post (How exactly does MEGA's download work?), it stores the file then copies it(?) but, the path in the answer is relevant to PC and I'm on a Mac.

I have searched for both the name and the filetype and I have scoured the Google Chrome folder in Application Support. Fallout 3 soundtrack download zip.

Download Queued Kindle

Not only can I not find the file but, now I have even less available space!? Do I really need twice the amount of space and, where do I find this mystery file so I can either use it or delete it?


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On WindowsC:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultFile System


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