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Lil Bibby - Gambino Instrumental Hitstar


Lil Bibby - Gambino Freestyle Luca Vialli


Lil Bibby - Gambino Freestyle SLOWED DOWN

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Lil Bibby - Gambino Freestyle ( Onscreen)

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Lil Bibby - Gambino Freestyle (Chopped & Screwed - Xavier J)

Mob Freestyle Lil Bibby Lyrics


Lil Bibby - The Greatest (Freestyle ) dir

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Lil Bibby Ft. King Louie - Thats how we move


Lil Herb, Lil Bibby, King Louie - Faneto (Remix)


Lil Bibby Ft. Lil Herb - Game Over (Prod. - New CDQ Dirty NO DJ


Lil Bibby - Gambino Freestyle Instrumental Click buy ;)

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Lil Bibby & Lil Herb - Aint Heard About You (Kill Shit Part 2)


For The Low Pt. 2 feat. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J

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Lil Bibby - Gambino Freestyle Lyrics

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I donÂ’t know, what the fuck this pussy ass nigga talk bout
Soon as I got that motherfucker check, I went and buy me 20 yards
I ainÂ’t worry about the, about a motherfucker
I ainÂ’t worry about her self
Nigga lookinÂ’ for me, you know what to find
IÂ’m round, round and round
I just wanna make sure, I go out like IÂ’m Tony,
ThatÂ’s my only
I wanna go out
They callinÂ’ me Bibby Gabino
Trap out the carter like nino
These rapper been stealinÂ’ the lingo
With forty I get to a kilo
I heard that you work with some people
I donÂ’t want to meet you
My verses are lethal
I ride with personal regal
That eagle will goinÂ’ ned a hearse when I see you
Like trae the truth bitch IÂ’m asshole
All you fuck niggas Donnie brasco
IÂ’m get mad about it the cash flow
Let the mag go, people mask and do
And most of these niggas are phony
Them pussy I call ‘em jimbroni
My little baby chopper is on me
I pray I got out like IÂ’m Tony
I pray I end up like IÂ’m Diddy
Young nigga got keys to the city
RidinÂ’ round town with the fifty
Ready to die bitch IÂ’m Biggy
About to go cop me a Bently
Hollow tips all in the semi
And who that is ridinÂ’ in that banz
ThatÂ’s that fuck nigga Bibby
That be ‘em fuck niggas hatin’
Hate to see young nigga make it
The games my nigga donÂ’t play it
Threaten my life I will spray it
Go for the home run, fuck a base hit
WeÂ’re cash and IÂ’m young and IÂ’m patient
Nigga hatinÂ’, IÂ’m a stun in there faces
When that tec hit IÂ’mma thumb throw their faces
And we use to have some guns in the basement
Young niggas sellinÂ’ drugs out the vacan
Lil Chris in the cut, he gonna blaze him
Pussy nigga try to run, weÂ’re goinÂ’ to chase him
Dope spot got the whole east bakinÂ’
Free G Gill out the feds, he facinÂ’
25 years cuz the police racist
Nolimit ass nigga and IÂ’m grinÂ’ it
Young nigga got the city behind him
All these rappinÂ’ ass niggas tryinÂ’ to sign
In the hood with the killer where you find me
I am not a rapper,
I am just a trapper,
You are just an actor,
You are not a factor
If a bitch try to set me up
IÂ’mma wack her
If I bust around
IÂ’m a young fresh bastard
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