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Kevin Gates Islah Album Download Zip Version

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Since 2013, Kevin Gates has established a run of quality projects that spotlight his emotionally resonant striver raps. He’s one of the few street artists that can convey love and monogamy convincingly. When he harmonizes, “I’ve been misused, what the f*ck you want my heart for” over the country-ish stomp of “Hard For,” you feel his confusion. Islah ranges from trap hammers like “La Familia,” to dramatic, synth-driven tracks like “2 Phones” and “Ask for More.” But what stands out is how his voice sounds so naturally melodic, and how he exudes so much passion in his songs. He hearkens to an earlier era when the Dirty South stood for hardscrabble authenticity.

Kevin Gates Islah Album Download Zip File

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About This Album

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Kevin Gates drops off the sequel to “By Any Means,” featuring

Kevin Gates is currently sitting behind bars at the moment in a Chicago prison after pleading guilty to felony gun possession last year, but despite his absence from the rap game, the Louisiana rapper has continued to feed the streets with new music. At the stroke of midnight, Kevin and his camp decided to release the sequel to his 2014 mixtape By Any Means just as expected.

In similar fashion as his debut album, which went platinum without the help of any features on the project, Gates continues to hold down the fort on his own for the most part. Aside from the previously released PnB Rock assisted “Beautiful Scars” that he dropped a couple weeks ago, By Any Means 2 features no other guest appearances. Meanwhile previously heard records like“No Love”, “Had To” and “What If” all appear on the 14-song tracklist.

Prior to announcing the release of his upcoming mixtape, Gates unleashed the video for “What If” from behind bars with an open letter to his fans. The letter gave his fans some encouraging words to abide by during times of struggle. The letter read, “Dear loyal family, Disallow yourselves to be troubled in my time of absence. All of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this. by this I am speaking in reference to hardship. A great person is measured by all of the great test they can undergo and still remain to to who they are. What that being said, I’m home. I love you all. In closing I remain the same. Forever, Kevin Gates.”

Available on on 991Nation, fans can now stream the project in its entirety. Hit play and let us know what record you’re feeling the most.




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