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VMware ESX Server 3.5 Driver CD for HT1100 SATA/IDE Controller. This is an ESX Server 3.5 Driver CD for Dell PowerEdge R905 systems which enables support for the Broadcom/Serverworks HT1100 SATA/IDE controller to allow access to the built-in CDROM on Dell PowerEdge R905 FatTire32 systems.

  • Re: Installing NT4 on Precision 360--Need IDE drivers I am having same issue, how did you get NT to load? Reboots while reading floppies (or from CD) when either manually selecting IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller or NT auto detect.
  • Connect the data and power cables to the CD/DVD drive. For IDE drives, align pin 1 (the red edge) to the connector on the CD/DVD drive. Then connect the 4-pin power connector to the drive. For SATA drives, align the notch to the connector on the drive. Then connect the SATA power connector (the long one) to the drive.

How To Install Ide Controller Driver For Cd Players

I wanted to know if there was a way to install Windows XP on a old Pentium 4 (Intel motherboard) system which does not boot via USB and CD/DVD drive?

Is it possible to connect the hard disk to my laptop and install Windows XP Pro on it using VMware (replicating the Pentium 4 motherboard conditions)? or is there any other way anyone knows about?

But when I try to boot from USB it gives me a 'j and blinking cursor' and the CD/DVD doesn't show in the BIOS.

A friend tried to clone my Windows XP partition in the laptop to the Pentium 4 pc hard disk using paragon option 'clone partition' it gives a different error.

'/ntldr' error code 0xc000000e

Please let me know a solution Many thanks.

Sarah BossSarah Boss

3 Answers

Yes, it is possible.

I do not think that you can emulate the hardware of your old motherboard using Vmware. But, you do it in several other ways:

  1. Simplest: Check the P4's BIOS and set it to boot from CDROM. I really think that it has this option, though you might need to move the CDROM around. (e.g. my motherboard only boots if I put the CDROM on two specific ports, and fails on all 6 others).
  2. Put the disk as only disk in another system and install. (Harder with a laptop)
  3. Install into vmware, then convert the image to a disk.
  4. Backup the laptop. Install XP onto the laptop. Then copy that XP install to the P4's disk (Using cloning software such as Ghost, Acronis, CloneZilla, FOG, ..)

Options 2, 3 and 4 mean that the hardware will change. This usually as two results: /sweet-nothing-diplo-remix-download/.

  1. XP wants to be reactivated.
  2. It might not boot at all. If you run into this problem remove all drivers before moving the disk via sysprep and generalize.

Most systems that wouldn't boot from a CD/DVD were from the mid 90's and earlier. Pentium 4 sounds like something a bit later than that. Are you sure your BIOS settings are correct, and your CD/DVD is properly connected?


I finally made it work, i purchased a usb 2 to sata ide adapter and connected the cd/dvd drive and it showed up in the bios and i managed to install xp ON IT.thanks to all

Sarah BossSarah Boss

How To Install Ide Controller Driver For Cd Drive

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