How To Download Torrent Via Hash

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How do I download a torrent using a hash?

Just follow the instructions step by step to download torrent via terminal. 1.Open the Terminal. 2.Download rTorrent using the command in terminal in debian based systems. Sudo apt-get install rtorrent. To download rTorrent in fedora based systems use this command. Wouldn't it be easier if people can download.torrent files with their web-browser? This is a question BitTorrent novices often the ask. Last year Opera was the first browser to add BitTorrent. The purchase of Hash Suite Pro includes upgrades to future 3.x versions (via the same download link that is sent to you upon your purchase). The purchase of Hash Suite Standard at the current low price does not include upgrades to future versions. Copy the name of your file as it is on your torrent site to the torrent name input. Now click on Generate to get the Magnet Link. VI To download the files, follow the instructions on this page on this blog: Downloading Torrents Without a Torrent Client but with IDM. Hope you enjoyed.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. I have a file I want to download but I've never downloaded from gen.lib.rus.ec. There are no links to get a .torrent or a magnet link, so I'm confused as to what I need to do. The page provides me with AICH, CRC32, eDonkey, MD5, SHA1, and TTH hashes. Which one do I use to download the file?
I'm using Deluge on Windows. Do I add file from URL or from Infohash?

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BitTorrent is extremely useful for lots of downloading and file-sharing, but if a less tech-inclined friend of yours doesn't understand BitTorrent or you can't install a BitTorrent client, new web site httpTorrents lets you download files of popular torrents directly via HTTP.


Not every torrent out there is available to download through httpTorrents, although trying to download one that they don't have will automatically add it to their list for future uploads. Right now the site is integrated with torrent tracker KickassTorrents, but in the future it could support other torrent sites, provided they display a torrent's hash on listings. If you've got a torrent hash, using the site is simple: Go to your favorite torrent search engine, get the hash of the torrent you want, copy it, and paste it into httpTorrents' search bar. If they have the files hosted on their server, it will start the direct download.

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httpTorrents [via TorrentFreak]

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