How To Download Those Nights At Rachel's

Those Nights at Rachel's 2, free and safe download. Those Nights at Rachel's 2 latest version: And to think your job before was hard enough. Those Nights at. Most games don't have any but if they do it's above the link (after solving the captcha) see picture here. Those Nights at Rachel’s 2: Reloaded Free Download About Those Nights at Rachel’s 2: Reloaded Game Free Two years after the events of Those Nights at Rachel’s, errors begin to manifest within the fabric of the system, causing sensory and auditory hallucinations for its most dedicated following.

  1. How To Download Those Nights At Rachel's
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  1. Those Nights at Rachel's for Windows Just and old-fashioned game of hide and seek Those Nights at Rachels 1 is a free late-night survival game, inspired by Five Nights at Freddys and its ilk.
  2. Jun 7, 2018 - This Is The Blender Pack For The Those Nights At Rachel's The Links To The Models Are Herea The Thing sta.sh/02bm86pk9yw1 Ray sta.

Those Nights at Rachel's Full Version RELEASE!

[Full Version of TNaR is released!] (http://gamejolt.com/games/those-nights-at-rachel-s/114026/download/build/297552) Visual impact for women free download.

There's a TON of changes, mainly to the gameplay, to make it more mouse friendly, with a revamped camera system that allows you to actually click!

I tried to test the game as good as I could, so there shouldn't be any game-breaking bugs, if you find any bugs, be sure to tell me!

Have fun playing! <3

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Those Nights at Rachel's Discussion Thread

Due to its popularity in the community, and the assumed density of potential discussion, a thread has been made dedicated to Those Nights at Rachel's.

Please put your comments, discoveries and theories in this thread, to keep things organised and separated from FNAF World discussion.


Character names:
  • Rachel the Rabbit

  • Doug the Dog

  • Pete the Pig

  • Bane the Bull

  • Ray the Raccoon

  • 'The Thing'

How to download those nights at rachel
  • Night 1: Hello and welcome to your new job at Doug's and Rachel's. We have the best animatronics and food available, at the lowest prices. Straight-up guarantee. Since this is your first night at the job, we'll connect you to a live call with our colleague. He'll be your guide for the first night. Have fun, haha. Hello? Hello, hello? Are you there? Uh, hi! Uh, you must be the new night guard! Oh well, if that's the case, which it probably is, then I'm supposed to help you with our amazing technology. It's a bit.. it's a bit cheesy, but you get the point, right? Well, for starters, the company thinks that putting up security cameras in practically any corner is going to help and.. honestly, I don't think it will. With what you're going to have to deal with. Uh, but anyway, you can switch the security cameras using the arrow keys on your keyboard or on the desk, allowing you to track any part of the building at any time. But, uh, let me tell you.. the power bill has been expensive, with almost every damn night guard. So, hopefully, by eliminating the power, you won't be like them. Nevertheless, you can track the power on the secondary monitor and for God's sake, do not break it. Honestly, I feel like I'm repeating myself at this point. Power is usually measured through the closable doors in your office, which can be closed at any time using the Z and X keys. But, anyway, don't leave them shut. Uh, alright, a few more things and I can set you on your way. We actually have a spare room next to your office, which has pretty much been deserted for.. some time. However, we used to allow employees to go in there but uh.. hmm.. Kinda had an accident in there. Uh, long story short, ALWAYS close the curtains. Don't ever ask why either. It's just a company rule. Honestly, I don't even know myself. You can walk there using the W key. So, uh.. yeah! That'll set you on your way. Close the curtains, monitor the building, toggle flashlight, and you'll be promoted as soon as you know it. And actually, please don't hurt yourself. We've had some issues with our reputation and it kinda went downhill recently. Damn pizzeria down the street.. Fazbear's Pizza, something? It's really taken our customers lately. It's a bit insanitary and rude.. but customers are customers. We don't need them, we need their cash. But uh, yeah! Enjoy your first night here, and I'll try to be there for you tomorrow. Goodnight!

  • Night 2: Damn it, don't., Uh.. Hello! Uh, hi! Welcome back to Doug and Rachel's, and uh.. yeah.. um.. company didn't really want me to record any more phone calls after your first night. Uh, and I figured, why not? After all, they don't monitor calls after the first one. So, I'm safe to say whatever I want. Ha. Well, for starters, which I'm sure you know by now, the animatronics are REALLY jumpy. Uh, easiest way to say it is something like, performing after hours, but with a bit more of a kick. They seem to actually move around the building and no-one knows why. Actually, uh, one of the night guards tried to do some investigating himself, which probably was the dumbest idea ever. Uh, poor kid. It's safe to say that it didn't end particularly well. Huh. Other than that, nothing really happened recently. Although I really shouldn't say that yet. You're our fourth or third, fourth, fifth night guard right now. Um, the others being in an unnatural state, haha. One of them even stopped talking and developed some sort of verbal communication problem, very strange. They had to take him to some therapists and the family tried suing us. Cool. Despite all their efforts, of course, it didn't work. Nothing ever does. All it takes is the company's little bit of money before they just wash all the troubles away. Ah, shouldn't question it and neither should you for the sake of our jobs at least. As hellish as all this may seem, you'll get through it. Almost all of us do. Haha.

How To Download Those Nights At Rachel's

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