How To Download Pictures From Sd Card To Laptop

  1. How To Download Pictures From Sd Card To Laptop In Windows 10

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1If you have an external card reader, attach it to your computer by using a USB cable. Your computer should instantly recognize the card. 2Insert a memory card into the card reader. Again, your computer will notice the card reader and make the files (photos) available. 3Open your computer’s main. Transferring Photos from a Memory Card to Your Computer You can transfer photos to and from a memory card inserted into your product's memory card slots and a computer connected to your product. Note: Do not transfer photos to and from a memory card while you are printing from the memory card.

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How To Download Pictures From Sd Card To Laptop In Windows 10

a.How are you trying to connect to the SD card?

b.How are you trying to transfer the pictures from the SD card?

c.What application are you using to view the pictures?

I suggest you to follow the below mentioned procedures and check for the settings that has been mentioned to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Check the settings on your computer and make sure you have installed all necessary software to proceed with downloading your pictures. This might include downloading software for your camera which has an SD memory card or a digital card reader.

Method 2: Plug the USB data cable into the computer and the camera, or cell phone if your phone is equipped for such a device. Each camera and cell phone will have a specific USB data cable that fits. See the manufacturer's instructions for correct cable.

Method 3: Turn the camera on and this will automatically bring up a dialog window prompting you to choose how you want this device to be used. Choose to have the images transferred to your computer into a picture format when connected, for example .jpg, .jpeg, or .bmp will follow the name of your picture.

Method 4: Choose the pictures you want to transfer to your computer and save them to an existing folder or a new one.

Also refer the following link which addresses the similar issue and follow the steps mentioned by BobinSECO.


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These days, busy entrepreneurs have multiple options for staying in touch with the office and getting more work done on the road. Whereas many professionals on the go used to carry laptops, more business people are replacing bulky notebooks with Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Many smartphones store data such as email messages and pictures on micro SD cards. If you want to transfer data from a micro SD card to your laptop, the notebook must have a card reader or connect an external USB device that allows you to read and write flash memory cards.


Insert the Micro SD card into the slot of the SD card adapter. Insert the adapter card with the inserted Micro SD card into the SD card port on the laptop. If the laptop does not have a card reader with an SD card port, insert the installation disk for an external card reader into the optical drive of the laptop. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the driver for the card reader into Windows and restart the system of prompted. Insert the SD card adapter into the SD card slot on the card reader.


Click “Start,” then “Computer” after Windows confirms it successively detected the Micro SD card inside the SD card adapter and configured it as an external storage device. Double-click the drive letter icon assigned to the Micro SD card in the Windows Explorer window. Windows Explorer displays all the files and folders on the Micro SD card.


Press “Ctrl-A” to select all the files and folders on the Micro SD card. After selecting all the files and folders, press “Ctrl-C” to copy them to the Windows clipboard.


Navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer to which you want to save the file from the Micro SD card. Double-click the folder name in Windows Explorer to open the folder. Press “Ctrl-V” to paste the files from the Micro SD card to the selected folder on the laptop.


Close the Windows Explorer window. Click the USB icon with the green checkmark in the Quick Launch tray area of the taskbar, then select the device name and drive letter of the Micro SD card. Windows will confirm it is safe to remove the device from the computer. Eject the Micro SD card and SD card adapter from the SD card port on the laptop or on the external USB card reader. Disconnect the USB card reader from the USB port if you used one to transfer the files from the Micro SD card.


Remove the Micro SD card from the SD card adapter, then reinsert it into the phone or other device from which you removed it.

Things Needed

  • Micro SD-to-SD adapter card
  • USB card reader and USB cable (if laptop does not have a card reader with an SD port)


  • Because most card readers do not include a Micro SD port, most manufacturers of the flash media devices include an SD card adapter with the cards. If you lose the SD card adapter for your Micro SD card, you can buy a replacement at most computer or electronics stores. In most cases, the adapter card costs less than $10.

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