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Original Title: download speed. Since upgrading to win 10 from win 7, my download speed has dropped by two thirds. Surfing is fine as i have installed a new SSD drive, but any download is horrendous, just hanging.

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Steam download speed keeps jumping up and down

Origin Download Speed Drop

for the past 2 weeks my steam download speed keeps jumping up and down. i have 100mb internet speed usually i will download steam games at 8.9mb but for the past 2 weeks the max i can get is 5mb and its for 10 seconds then it will drop down to 200kb and after a minute it will go back to 5mb and drop again. its not a problem on my end i think because i tested it with downloading through google chrome and utorrent and im getting max download speed there. nothing is blocking steam not my firewall or my antivirus i tried re-installing steam and changing server region but nothing seems to help i dont know if its a bug in the new patch or something else i would like to ask for someone experienced it and fixed it



If you download game do you have to have wifi. EDIT: I solved the problem all i had to do is to open ports for steam on my router and my download speed went back to 8.9mb so if someone else has this problem try opening ports like i did

Steam Download Speed Drops To 0 Reddit

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