Download Game Legend Of Dragoon For Pc

Download LEGEND OF DRAGOON today! Download this PS one® Classic today! Transferring to a PSP® system from your PS3 system: You must be signed into the PlayStation®Network account that originally purchased the game.

Since it was published in 2001, 'The Legend of Dragoon' has been one of the most commercially successful games, with a large fan base made up of PS2 and PS3 owners. The PlayStation version is the only one available, so PC users have to use the indirect way of using an emulator to run the game on their computers.

Visit the Emulator Zone (see Resources) and click on the PlayStation emulator, under the 'Sony' category, from the list at the far left of the screen.

Select the 'ePSXe' emulator you want to download from the list of the available programs.

Choose 'ePSXe 1.7.0' from the available versions. The rule is that the newest version (1.7.0 as of January 2011 for this game) is the best one, as it fixes bugs of the previous ones.

Decompress the files, using a program such as WinRar, as they will have been downloaded in a '.rar' format. Read the 'Readme' file provided, which contains essential information on how to run the emulator and the necessary programs to make it work.

Download the game. Enter the Torrents website (see Resources) and type 'The Legend of Dragoon' on the search bar, which is beneath the site's logo.

Choose the file named '[REL] PSX Legend of Dragoon ENG' from the list of options. Don't be tempted by the high number of seeds of the other files, as this is the only option not converted for PSP use.

Download the file on your hard drive by clicking on the 'Download .torrent' link. If you don't have the necessary applications to start downloading it, check the small letters next to the download option. Links are provided to install the 'Vuze' or uTorrent' program and continue with the game's download. Once downloaded, decompress the '.rar' game file and start playing 'Legend of Dragoon' on your computer.

Download Game Legend Of Dragoon For Pc

Download Game Legend Of Dragoon For Pc Windows 7


Play Legend Of Dragoon Free

Read the emulator's system requirements and PlayStation's specifications on the Emulator Zone website to make sure your computer can run the program.


To abide by copyright laws, make sure you own a hard copy of the video game before using an emulator of the game.

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Not content to merely have built the world's leading consoles, Sony has thrown its hat into the RPG developers' ring with their ambitious new project titled The Legend of Dragoon.

Featuring a cast of nine playable characters, Dragoon immerses you in a world where mankind's very existence is threatened by numerous factors, ranging from civil war to the return of a mysterious race of beings that threatens to unleash a devastating evil force on the populace. The story focuses on Dart, the young hero on a quest for revenge who ends up pursuing loftier goals as he learns of his role in ensuring the future of humanity.

Yes, we know--it's certainly not the most inspired story line. But Dragoon has plenty of other intriguing elements to capture the fancy of RPGers. Take the battle system, for example. Fighting centers on 'Additional' attacks, which require you to nail a series of carefully timed button presses to trigger a powerful finishing blow (see sidebar). Precision is a must, as the slightest misstep will throw off an attack. Adding to the challenge is the fact that enemies will occasionally counterattack, which requires a quick reaction in order to avoid being blown back.And then there are the Dragoon attacks: Throughout the game, your party members gain the ability to harness the power of dragon spirits. Build up enough special points during battles and you'll be given the choice to transform; you'll then have to pull off a different series of timed button presses to pummel your foes with furious power.

Download Game Legend Of Dragoon For Pc Free

As a Dragoon, you'll also have access to a range of magic attacks, which vary greatly depending on the character.When you're not fighting, you'll be treated to a gorgeous world composed of CG backgrounds that rival those found in Square's Final Fantasy series. Details abound, including nifty visual effects like dancing flames, running water and billowing fog.

Spanning four discs and promising some 80 hours of gameplay. Dragoon may be yet another premier RPG for the PlayStation. But does Sony have what it takes to rival the likes of Squaresoft? From what we've seen so far, Dragoon holds plenty of promise--but we'll know for sure when we get our hands on the reviewable version next month.

The Legend Of Dragoon Pc

Overall rating: 8.5