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Now you can download 3D Ludo game on your pc laptop using Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 absolutely free.

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Ludo King is board game that can be played with family, friends & kids. It’s a multiplayer cross-platform game that allows you to play offline and online mode on your Android or ISO smartphones as well as on desktop platforms.

Honesty, officially Ludo game is not available for Windows pc but here I will share with you a 100% working trick, by using you can install and play 3D Ludo King on your computer or laptop.

I still remember Ludo King game is childhood game that I loved to play before. But now technology becomes more advanced and this game became a part of online games.

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Ludo King is a one of the oldest board game in India and now it turned into the fun-filled game of Snakes & Ladders. Yes, it true. Now this game comes up with modern design and features.

Download Game Laptop Windows Xp Free Software

This game is played between 2, 3 or 4 players online using the Internet with the people from around the world. Either you can also choose it’s automatic system to play (called computer player) with you if you single player at a time.

Currently 3D Ludo King game available only for smartphones like Android or ISO. You can get right below for your mobile.

But the following are the steps explained in this article that guides you how to install this game on your PC.

Download 3D Ludo King Game for pc Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista

To download Ludo King Game on your pc, first, you need to install BlueStacks Android Emulator. This Android Emulator will allow you to not only to install Ludo King game on your PC but also any other application or game.

If you are a beginner, read our quick guide to download and install BlueStacks Android Emulator on your computer or laptop.

Let’s assume you have already downloaded and installed Bluestacks software on your computer. Now click on Bluestacks icon to start the software. Then, enable the access, by syncing your Google account with BlueStacks and hence you are done with its complete download, now you can start using BlueStacks.

Step 1: Click on “Search” icon on Bluestacks window & type “Ludo King” and press “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Step 2: Now the Play Store will open and will show you the game. Click on the game and tap install icon.

Step 3: After the download and installation completed, click open and you can start playing this 3D Ludo game immediately.

Woohoo…. You have successfully installed Ludo King on your Windows pc.

If you want to play this game in the future, just go to All Apps option of BlueStacks software and there you can see the Ludo King shortcut key. Simply click on that and start playing it.

I wish I have covered all the possibilities to install Ludo King on pc Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP & Vista Computer or laptop. Now it’s your turn to play and have great fun playing this game with your family and friends.

Full description of Domino Games for PC.

Download Domino Games for PC/Laptop/Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Download Game Laptop Windows Xp Free Version

Dominoes (or dominos) is a board game played with rectangular “domino” tiles.

Download Game Laptop Windows Xp Free

– ten different domino games (classic dominoes, draw game, block game, mexican train, muggins (All fives), naval kozel, jackass, human-human-wolf, kozel, bergen ,cross), more games will be added in next update (Chicken foot, blitz)
– three different online multiplayer games (draw game, block game, muggins (All fives))
– daily bonus
– 2-4 players
– friendly UI
– tough AI
– global cloud leaderboard
– comprehensive singleplayer stats
– mexican train will be available for multiplayer in next update

The dominos gaming pieces make up a domino set, sometimes called a deck or pack. The traditional Sino-European domino set consists of 28 dominoes, colloquially nicknamed bones, cards, tiles, tickets, stones, or spinners. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its faceinto two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots or is blank. A domino set is a generic gaming device, similar to playing cards or dice, in that a variety of games can be played with a set. There are some extended domino sets (double 9 and double 12). They are used for Mexican train, Chicken Foot and similar games. Each country has it’s own set of dominoes games: England – muggins (All fives), scandinavian countries – Bergen, Mexico – Mexican train, Spain – Matador.
Download game contra untuk pc. The earliest mention of dominos is from Song Dynasty China. Dominoes first appeared in Italy during the 18th century, and although it is unknown how Chinese dominos developed into the modern game.

General rules of dominoes:

Blocking game
The most basic dominos variant is for two players and requires a double six set. The 28 domino tiles are shuffled face down and form the stock or boneyard. Each player draws seven tiles; the remainder are not used. Once the players begin drawing tiles, they are typically placed on-edge before the players, so that each player can see his own domino tiles, but none can see the value of other players’ tiles. Every player can thus see how many tiles remain in the other players’ hands at all times during gameplay. One player begins by downing (playing the first tile) one of their tiles. In different games first tiles are also different. In Muggins player should start with the highest double (6-6), in Bergen the first move should be 0-0, in Mexican train each round starts with the next lower double. This tile starts the line of play, a series of tiles in which adjacent tiles touch with matching, i.e. equal, values. The players alternately extend the line of play with one tile at one of its two ends. The game ends when one player wins by playing their last tile, or when the game is blocked because neither player can play. If that occurs, whoever caused the block gets all of the remaining player points not counting their own.
Scoring game
Players accrue points during game play for certain configurations, moves, or emptying one’s hand. Most scoring games use variations of the draw game. In Muggins (All fives) player must make the open ends of the layout add up to 5s or a multiple of five (5s, 10, 15, 20, etc.) In bergen player scores when numbers on the open ends are equal. If a player does not call “domino” before the tile is laid on the table, and another player says ‘domino’ after the tile is laid, the first player must pick up an extra domino. In Mexican train the double zero domino is scored as 50 points.

Draw game
In a draw game (blocking or scoring), players are additionally allowed to draw as many tiles as desired from the stock before playing a tile. The score of a game is the number of pips in the losing player’s hand plus the number of pips in the stock. Most rules prescribe that two tiles need to remain in the stock. The Draw game is often referred to as simply “dominos”.

Mexican train has arrived! Enjoy our dominos game with the full set of this game varieties! You can play domino online (Draw game, Block game and Muggins (All fives)) for free!

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