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for reference I took some parts and placed them here.

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HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition (ISO File Only) By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software License Agreement. Note: Some software requires a valid warranty, current Hewlett Packard Enterprise support contract, or a license fee.

1. First step:

Removing Chrome and installing Ubuntu. Follow the guide on the awesome Arch Linux page dedicated to C720P: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Acer_C720_Chromebook. You need to remove the write protect screw (see 1.1.), enable developer mode (see 1.2.) and set seabios on by default (see 1.3.).

Reboot the laptop, pop in an Ubuntu bootable and install it. You will not have touchpanel or touchpad after the boot so either be very savy with your keyboard-Fu or get a USB mouse ready.

I didn't remove ChromeOS since it works flawlessly for some purposes. So I used the second tutorial instead.

Linux iso download

2. Hardware support:

  • Install a newer kernel with full hardware support. (3.17 or newer) using this website. This kernel wil not update automatically, because it is npot in the repositories.
  • Clock time lapse free download. Touch pad and touch panel (not needed with the newer kernel)

    While Arch users have it good with the scripts fully prepped, we had to do some digging across the net to find a workable solution for the touch pad and touch panel under the 3.13 kernel, which is default in 14.04 LTS. Motley slate's google+ page provides the best starting point - there is a script which sadly breaks under 3.13 kernel. We've coupled that source with the patches we found on Arch page and finally implementing the patches from Fedora.

    If you're using the C720P model with touch panel:

    If you're using the C720 model without touch panel:

    Wait and reboot.

  • The rest of hardware (not needed with the newer kernel)

    There is a bunch of things that won't work out of the box. Thanks to Simon Lister we have a couple of fixes ready. First - to fix the suspend feature:

    The rest is a direct copy-paste from Simon Lister's page

  • Ubuntu waits about one minute when booting. That can easily be changed
edit the grub file by typing:

Chrubuntu Iso Download Hp 1410

Edit the line that says:

So that it reads:

Save the file and exit gedit. Then update grub by typing the following two lines:

  • Now edit the rc.local file by typing:
  • Into the gedit window type/paste the following lines above the line that says 'exit 0':

    Save the file and exit gedit.

  • Preventing future updates to Kernel (not really needed since the custom installed kernel is always newer than any 3.13 kernel.

    A bunch of stuff we just did are plain ol' hacks. They are tied to the specific version of Kernel that we're currently using. We'd like to prevent auto-updates messing everything up, so we can use the guide on askubuntu and lock the version by typing:

Chrubuntu Iso Download Hp 14 Laptop